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The Story Behind Australias Iconic Pie

Most Australian’s have heard of the Ganmain Pie. Ben Murphy, the owner of the Ganmain Bakery, is now the guardian of the secret pie recipe, still untouched since Alf Britton developed it in 1943.


John and Pam Britton expended the business to outside of ganmain into Wagga and surrounds. Since then it has kept growing.

John would also close during the summer months, gone fishing!


Ben and wife Anna took over the Ganmain Bakery in November 2015 and haven’t looked back since.

They have 3 children together, the oldest Phin now an apprentice baker.

Very much a family business and proud of the legacy they are now apart of.


“Same original taste.” Ben says.

Ben is the fourth baker to own the bakery after Alf’s son John and John’s employee Stephen Webber. With 31 years of experience, he’s got flour in his veins.  “I’ve always worked in the industry.”


The bakery is filled with machinery, and while some is new, a lot of it is over 50 years old. Ben swears by the almost antique gear.

“The old machines are always better than the new. They are more reliable, and they handle so much more volume.”


The Ganmain Pie is in high demand. At the peak of footy season, the bakery produces over 15 000 pies a week, which travel up to 400 km radius of the bakery. In addition to the original recipe, the bakery also pumps over 20 gourmet varieties.


Recently, the bakery upgraded from an individual packaging system, to a flow packaging system to improve the efficiency of the manufacturing process.  


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